Sunday, February 3, 2013

I had forgotten how much fun it is to treasure hunt! This a.m. I ventured down to a cute little town nearby and hit some antique stores. Recently I put energy out to barter my meditation drum in exchange for coins to aide in making a tribal belt and bra set. Tribal Bellydance that is. 
     As my charmed life goes I found a Ziploc full within a bag of miscellaneous jewelry. I asked for a reduced price for just the coins and got away with a screaming deal!

Along the way I also came across the most adorable 1950's Sewing Basket in amazingly great shape. I thought it would be a wonderful addition to my new art studio space and since it was under $20 I couldn't resist. I think I'll fill it with ribbons and things. Almost done decorating just need a stand for my Witchy hat!