Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yuletide Stag!

My newest creation. A Yuletide Stag! He's approximately 6"X6" and is for sale. I will be making more so if you are interested please send me an email.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Green Fae Folk!

Here is my second set of Fae Folk for Yuletide! These also have bendable arms and legs to set on your tree. They are for sale and can be bought together as a couple or separately. Personally, I think they'd kind of like to stay together. ;-)

Please contact me if you are interested in these or if you would like to commission me to make a pair or individual for you! I have many color options!
Fae Folk  for Sale

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yuletide Fae Folk

I just sold these Yuletide Fae Folk to a friend of mine in Southern California for her tree! They have bendable arms and legs so that you can position them however you'd like. They will be featured in an upcoming article in the Bellflower Bulletin, Zion Publishing. I'm very excited and will post a link when I get it. These two are 11" in height.

I'm currently working on another couple that will be in green. I will post photos as soon as I finish them. If you are interested in purchasing a doll they are $35 each plus shipping and handling. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Farm Girl - Darlene

Thought I'd get a couple of photos of Darlene out in the sunshine! I think I may take her to the community farm with me so I can take a shot or two of her in a 'farm' setting.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evolution of a Farm Girl doll

I'm a big fan of MaryJane's Farm magazines and all the wonderful energy that is put into re-establishing rural living as a viable and necessary implement to our future!

With that said and in response to my farm girl friend, Molly, I am sharing the evolutionary process of  my latest doll. While I was finishing her last night, my daughter told me that she spoke to her and said her name is Darlene. And so it is!
If you read my earlier post about the patterns Millie gave me a while back then you will appreciate that since the pattern for my farm girl doll was designed by my friend Joey, I had to transform a coat pattern to make a dress. The apron was an easy task using a drawing from a fabulous book I purchased for a screaming deal at JoAnn's called Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman. 

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce My Farm Girl, Darlene!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faery Wings!

What do you get when you mix an artistic Mom with a gothic loving daughter? Dark faery wings. I've admired wings from afar over the years and thought I would give a go at it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sewing Find!

I’ve recently returned to sewing after a bit of a hiatus and was pleasantly surprised that it too would shine a light on ‘Back to Basics’. As much of my focus and activities have pivoted on of late. I have also returned to skating which brings me back to sewing. Keep up with me. I’ve been going to adult skate here locally and have happily been befriended by the local dance skaters. This group of youthful spirits range from 50 to 84 yrs young. They gather 3 times a week, share laughs, and some of them still compete.
Last week I was introduced to one of the gals named Millie who has sewn many dresses and skirts for skating over the years. She offered me her patterns so that I could make one and I graciously accepted. At my next skate 2 manila envelopes were handed to me via fellow skater, Linda. Later that day, after taking care of several things, I sat down at our table and found a very special surprise inside them both!
Below is a spread of the patterns. Only 1 is actually a mass produced pattern from Simplicity but you see, this is where the beauty is. The pattern is for a man’s dress shirt! It was re- cut to make a skirt! Notes, size, and dart lines were all added by hand in blue ink pen. The rest range from a custom made pattern by “Trudi” to newspaper cutouts! Classic rural Americana. From the looks of the adverts on the newsprint, I’d say circa 1960. I especially love the piece that shows Charter Oak Bourbon. Price shows $3.04 a pint.
I’ve made several pattern pieces for my art dolls, managing to fit them together in a fine; cohesive manner yet these patterns I must say were truly humbling. It’s one thing to make clothes for a 13” doll where the artist is free to sew the garment onto the subject if there are alteration problems but to actually follow only the scant few scribbled directions? I’ve got nothing!